Chikmagalur spent the early days of the Hoysala kings and their dynasty. According to a legend, it is in Sussevar, now identified with Angadi in the Mudikere taluk, killing the mythical assassination of the Hoysala dynasty founder Sala Hoysala Crest.

The great king of the Hoysala Empire, Veera Ballala II (1173 – 1220 CE), has been known to have built the Amriteshwar Temple at Amrithapura in Tharikere Taluk.

BC Coffee was introduced to India by Chikmagalur district in 1670 when the first coffee crop was grown in the Baba Budan Giri range. According to the article Origins of Coffee, Saint Baba Budan traveled to Mecca on a pilgrimage through the Mocha port named Yemen, where he found coffee. To introduce its taste to India, he wrapped up seven coffee seeds around his stomach and left them out of Arabia. After returning, they planted beans in Chikmagalur hills.

In recent history, Chikmagalur concentrated on global attention in 1978, when former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi contested elections and was elected to the Lok Sabha of the Indian Parliament. Citation needed

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  • Social Models
    • Decent Employment
    • Food Security
    • Land Tenure
  • Economic Models
    • Land Productivity
    • Profitability
    • Resilience
  • Environmental Models
    • Soil Health
    • Water Use
    • Fertilizer Pollution Risk
    • Pesticide Risk
    • Biodiversity

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