E2.2: Learning Outcome

Model Description:

Measurement of learning outcomes is primarily based on assessments from reading, writing, math, and language subjects. Based on the availability of data from KAG 2020-21, the model below brings in factors that may have an impact on poor learning outcomes using the number of children passed in math and language subjects in class 5.



Node/AttributeDescriptionData Source
Enrolment ProportionThe proportion of students enrolled in class 5 to the total populationKAG 2020-21
Household Monthly IncomeMonthly income of a rural householdSECC 2011
Household Level of EducationDifferent levels of education in rural householdsSECC 2011
Access to TextbooksAllotment of textbooks within one month of the start of the academic yearKAG 2020-21
Girls’ ToiletAvailability of girls’ toilets in schoolsKAG 2020-21
Boys’ ToiletAvailability of boys’ toilets in schoolsKAG 2020-21
Drinking Water AvailabilityAvailability of clean drinking water in schoolsKAG 2020-21
PlaygroundAvailability of playgrounds in schoolsKAG 2020-21
ElectricityElectricity supply in schoolsKAG 2020-21
LibraryAvailability of libraries in schoolsKAG 2020-21
ComputerAvailability of computers in schoolsKAG 2020-21
Student-teacher RatioStudent-teacher ratioKAG 2020-21
Malnourished ChildrenModerately and severely malnourished children in Aanganwadi centersKAG 2020-21
Learning OutcomeMeasurement of learning outcomes based on the assessment of math and language subjectKAG 2020-21

Attribute Correlation Matrix:

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Intervention Table:

Intervention CodeIntervening NodeDescriptionEase of InterventionTotal Models ImpactedModels ImpactedDomains ImpactedData Stories Impacted
I1Student-teacher RatioHire more teachers for better learning outcomes31E2.1Education
I2Girls’ ToiletSafe hygiene and sanitation for female students41E2.1Education
I3Boys’ ToiletSafe hygiene and sanitation for male students41E2.1Education
I4Drinking Water AvailablityBasic drinking water facilities for high participation in school attendance41E2.1Education
I5MalnourishedReduce malnourished children by providing adequate meals for nutritional benefits at rural childcare centers41H1.4Health

Case File:

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