Kalaburagi district is on of the three districts that were transferred from Hyderabad State to Karnataka state at the time of re-organization of the state in 1956. The district is one among the 30 districts of Karnataka State. It is located in the Northern part of the state and lies between 76°.04′ and 77°.42 east longitude, and 17°.12′ and 17°.46′ north latitude,covering an area of 10,951 km². It is bounded on the west by Bijapur district of Karnataka and Sholapur district of Maharashtra, on the west by RangaReddy and Medak district of Telegana State, on the north by Bidar district and Osmanabad district of Maharashtra and on the south by Yadgir district of Karnataka.

Kalaburagi is famous for toordal Pigeon pea and the limestone deposits are more in Kalaburagi District. As per Census 2011, Kalaburagi City is an Urban Agglomeration coming under category of Class I UAs/Towns.

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  • Social Models
    • Decent Employment
    • Food Security
    • Land Tenure
  • Economic Models
    • Land Productivity
    • Profitability
    • Resilience
  • Environmental Models
    • Soil Health
    • Water Use
    • Fertilizer Pollution Risk
    • Pesticide Risk
    • Biodiversity

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