Mandya district is part of large plateau from Mysore to the edges of Easter Ghats. Therefore, there are not many legends describing the origin of the district as such, but there are quite a few legends describing the origin of the place.

Mandya seems to have been known as ‘Vedaranya’ and later, as ‘Vishnupura’ in Kritayuga. It is said that a rishi (sage) was doing a penance here and installed an image of God Janardana and was said to be teaching wild beast to pronounce the sacred word, VEDA. On this account, the place came to be known as ‘Vedaranya’.

Several years later, but during the same yuga, another rishi, who was residing here, setup an image of the God Sakaleshwara swami and Lord Vishnu, it is said, appeared to him. The place was thereafter renamed as ‘Vishnupura’. Another account says that towards the age of Dwapara yuga, king by name Indravarma, who had not issues, came to this place in the hope of getting a son. His prayers were granted, and his son Somavarma built a fort and an agrahara at this place and gave it the name Mandevemu, which, it is believed has been corrupted into Mandya. It is also said that in ancient days, a great and popular sage, called Mandavya, lived in the area doing tapas and the place came to be called Mandya after his name.

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